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How do I configure the Two-State Indicator widget?
How do I configure the Two-State Indicator widget?
Steps to add and configure Two Sate Indicator widget on your dashboard.
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Two State Indicator is a Live widget that displays the colored status of a binary metric.
This widget helps to emphasize the binary metrics such as an alert or a LIVE notification with color and sound.

Tip: A Two-State indicator works only with the metrics that have certain units and source types. Make sure that your metric's unit is UNITS_BINARY and the source is EQUATION before creating a Two-State widget. If your metric is already used in other widgets, a new one (e.g., "the same name_ALERT") with the required unit and source for the Two-State indicator.

Below is an example of a Two-State Indicator widget that displays ON state in orange.

To add the Two-State Indicator widget, please follow the below steps:

  1. Click on the Plus icon(Add Widget) from the dashboard toolbar located in the top-right corner of window as shown below.

2. In the Select Widget Type screen select the Two-State Indicator widget from Live type as shown below.

3. In the next Widget Configuration screen we can configure all Two-State Indicator widget parameters.

4. First step is to find metrics of interest. You can look for metrics in two ways:

  • browsing through the structure of assets and their metric (shown above);

  • searching by asset and metric name (shown below);

5. Once you have found the metric of interest you can drag and drop it into the next Data Sets panel. The preview panel is showing how the widget will look like on your dashboard as shown below. To further customize the widget you can edit the widget title and modify colors for each of two states as shown below.

6. Once the configuration is complete you can click the "ADD WIDGET" button to add it to your dashboard as shown below.

Note: By default, widget size is set to smallest. Please use Size controls in the widget configuration menu to adjust its appearance on the dashboard as shown above.

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