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The asset hierarchy lists the assets both physical and virtual in a hierarchy based upon the site's process flow or P&IDs. Virtual areas are designed to fit into that asset structure area.

The asset structure is designed as follows with an example of the hierarchy structure:

  • Area- Plant/ Mine etc

  • Sub-area- Stockpiles, Crushing, Grinding, Concentrator, tailings, etc

  • Sub-sub area- A specific asset e.g. SAG mill, Ball mill, Thickener

  • Virtual sub-sub-sub area- Specific measure point e.g. Weightometer, Analyser, Valve

  • Additional asset structure area

If you are looking for a specific asset simply type the name in the Search text area, below you can see an example of assets with the "crush" keyword in their names.

If you would like an overview of all assets in the hierarchy, click on the Expand All button on the right of the Search text area.

Or type "0" in the search text area to view the entire asset hierarchy of

Once you have found the asset you're looking for :

  • Click on the Asset Name to view the Asset data quality

  • Click on the Info icon to know about the Asset information such as system generated files for the asset and logs that are recorded for every change/update done to the asset.

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