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Widget is the data visualisation technique used in to analyse the Asset Live and historic data.

ADD Widget

You can add widgets to a user-defined dashboard with the dashboard toolbar functionality.
Click on the Plus (Add widget) icon to add a new widget to you your dashboard. widgets are categorised as :

  1. Analysis
    Line Graph
    Pie Chart
    Bar Graph
    Scatter Plot
    Multi-unit Line Graph

  2. LIVE
    Text value
    Range Chart
    Two-state Indicator

  3. Statistical
    LIVE Image
    Distribution Chart
    Box plot

  4. Advanced
    Pump Curve
    System Curve

  5. Interactive
    Data Input

Click on the individual widget type links to learn more about how to configure each of them in


To manage a widget on your dashboard you can use the Settings menu as shown below.

Settings menu available for any widget and has the following items:

  • Duplicate - create a duplicate of the current widget within your dashboard;

  • Edit - navigates to widgets' configuration screen;

  • Delete - deletes current widget from your dashboard;

  • - Size + - changes the size of the current widget and re-arrange dashboard widgets if required.

Full-screen control in the right-top corner of any widget allows the expanding of widget content to fill entire window and see it in more detail as shown below.

You can exit Full-Screen mode by clicking the Cross icon in the top-right corner.

To toggle visibility of Legend for graph widget you can use Show / Hide Legend control as shown below.

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