What's Improved!

Improved Report Subscription form

The new report subscription has been made easy with the updated field details such as :
Report’s Source Dashboard - Choose a preferred dashboard

Type - Reporting format (.xlsx, .csv)

Frequency - How frequently the report is generated

Generate Report at : Preferred time of the report generation

Report Time Span: Duration in hours to be covered

Email Delivery - An email notification with the link to the report

Learn more about How to subscribe to a report in brains.app.

Added information to your subscribed reports

Are you looking for generating a report for your favorite dashboard?
Try exporting the dashboard data with the dashboard toolbar functionalities or with a new report subscription.
In this release, we bring you some added information to the Excel reports such as First Value, Last Value, Average, and Total of the widget values.

It's important for mining operations/management to be able to receive reports that could tell them opening and closing positions in the operations, detailing component/variable percentage at the start and end of the period chosen to be reported.

A value type for your widget on a dashboard

It's often contradictory what you value see on your widget depending upon the chosen variable (Cummulative, Non-cumulative) and Time modes (LIVE/Historic).

Hence brains.app provides you the ability to choose your value type while configuring a widget.
The supported value types are:

  • Average Value

  • Latest Value

  • Latest Value in Range

And based on the chosen value type the widget would display the value accordingly.

  • Average Value-The average value of the variable in the selected date range.

  • Latest Value-The latest non-null value in the selected date range.

  • Latest Value in Range-The latest value in the selected date range (including Null)

What's Fixed!

Minor bug fixes on the Widget configuration and Asset Files page functions.

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