What's Improved!

Ranges info indicator.

The data quality ranges information allows users to track incoming data against the expected value ranges (min/low/high/max) and capture additional information such as metric Tags or Virtual Sensor Description.

In this release, we introduce an additional column in the Asset Metric Admin screen to indicate if metrics have any Ranges Information Configuration for the current asset.

This new feature will further improve brains.app capability in data quality management.

Batch Metric Addition

We realized for a brains.app Administrator adding more than one metric to brains.app and building the Asset metric structure with the same metrics is an arduous and time-consuming process.
Hence here is an improvement to the current metric configuration process that allows you to create and attach more than one metric to an Asset at once.

Learn more about how to perform a Batch metric addition at once with this Article.

  • Minor Bug Fixes

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