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How to add bulk/batch metrics to
How to add bulk/batch metrics to
Batch Metrics Add - How to copy and paste a list of metrics into
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The batch metric addition functionality allows users to quickly add metrics and their ranges and to attach them to an asset. Rather than creating the metrics manually, it enables users to first prepare the metrics in a spreadsheet, copy the cells, paste them in a dedicated field, and get the metrics created.

Using this method, users can rapidly add hundreds of metrics attached to a new digital asset rather than spending a significant time adding them one by one.

The process to add multiple metrics at once is very straightforward:

  1. Click on the Admin icon on the left navigation bar and navigate to the Metric Administration Screen.

2. Scroll down to the end of the page to find the Batch Metrics Add link.

3. After clicking on the Batch Metrics Add link, choose what asset to add these metrics to by clicking on the + icon.

5. Once the previous action is completed, the following form appears:

6. Copy the cells from Google Sheets, Excel or other similar source containing the list of metrics to be created. This list should include the column titles on the first row spelt exactly as detailed below (case sensitive). Those fields correspond to the fields populated when creating a new metric ( How to manage metrics? ) and assigning ranges to it ( How to set data quality ranges? ).

  • name

  • unit

  • icon

  • source

  • cumulative

  • multiplier

  • colour

  • mongoName

  • equation

  • interpolationType

  • min

  • lowlow

  • low

  • high

  • highhigh

  • max

7. After pasting the copied data in the form, click on the Add button to save the changes.

The metrics will automatically get created in the database, be assigned to the asset, and the ranges will be populated.

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