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Good news! You've found the asset you're looking for, it's now time to understand the incoming data from the asset and its data quality ranges.

The models use only quality data in their machine learning and physical modeling. Where quality is defined as within both operational and statistical thresholds.

The Data Quality Screen provides the user with a visualization of :

• The quality of the incoming data in an asset structure

• The quality of any derived variables.

Here for the Asset 411-TK-1, the Data Quality information displays all the raw and derived variables listed on the vertical axis and Timespan on the horizontal axis.

The Data Quality bar graph data is categorized as below:

Green - Full quality data

Yellow - Represents Data out of Range(High)

Red - Represents Data out of Range (Low)

Grey - Represents Missing Data

The data quality display can enable the user to investigate any variance in data quality for example sensor malfunction and calibration issues where the future investigation is required.

On hovering the cursor over the Data Quality bar graph, a Tooltip is displayed with the Metrics maximum and minimum recorded data in the set timestamp.

While the metric graphs display the derived and raw data grouped by units in the set timestamp. This section can be utilized by the user to understand how the asset is performing based on key metrics.

To dig in deeper hover the cursor over the Metric Graph bar graph, a Tooltip is displayed with the Variables data recorded in the set timestamp.

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