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Introducing the new brains.app Help Menu to support and guide you while using the application and fulfill your learning needs. With the components such as :

  • Genius Library

  • Help Center

  • Share Ideas

  • Training and more

  • What's New

Learn about the help features and learning resources

What's Improved!

Know more about the user who added /updated contextual data using the Data Input Widget on your dashboard, with the User details on the Edit data screen.

What's Fixed!

  1. The custom logo on the brains.app has been fixed to be displayed upon login without a page reload.

  2. An example shared for configuring an Equation metric has been removed to avoid confusion.

  3. Data Interpolation selection has been applied only to the Manual metric type.

  4. Edit functionality is fixed for the data input widget for singular and constant data.

  5. All metrics that matched/contains the search text should be filtered and displayed in the metric list now.

  6. And few other minor bugs.

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