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Have you tried looking for a brains.genius

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No worries! Let us help you access these support features on

The Help menu on the top navigation bar on is a one-stop solution for all your support queries.

It's the perfect way to save time and be more productive.

It is represented as ❔ on the top navigation bar.

This menu comprises a set of support features and the learning resources.

Click on the ❔icon to see the list of these features, they are :

  • Genius Library: It is an interactive way of learning about the application.
    ​Click on the Genius Library to browse through the list to find a quick tour of the feature of your interest.

  • Help Center: It is an online database of information about, including the new feature, usage, various product, and also answering a set of frequently asked questions.
    ​Click on the link to navigate to the Help Center and search our knowledge base to find an answer to your question.

  • Share Ideas: It's a feedback portal for to share your ideas and feedback to help us improve the platform and create a better user experience.
    Click on the like to navigate to the Feedback portal and follow the instructions to share your ideas with us.

  • Training and more: It's a learning portal hosting a range of training to help you onboard and discover more about each of the products.
    Click on the link to Sign Up to the Academy and explore the course catalog.
    You could also request an Team member to send you an Academy invite for sign up.

  • What's New: Keep yourself updated with the exciting new feature and upgrade on

If you haven't still got your answer, then use Instant Messaging to have a chat with one of the team members.

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