⚙ What's Improved!

  1. Managing brains.app Users have become exciting with its improved design and process.

Administrate User Screen (v2.0)

2. The Administrate Metric screen, now allows you to search for an Equation metric by typing the equation in the text box directly.

3. The Manual metrics in the brains.app are represented as single data points.
Data Interpolation HOLD is a technique that enables us to fill the gaps between data points and sustain the value of the most recent data point.
Know more about How to apply Interpolation-Hold to a metric.

4. Facilitate data migration and integration by mapping your data with its tag and data sources in the Data Mapping screen again.

🐛What's Fixed!

  1. The value change for a CONSTANT metric is fixed now.

  2. Data validation is applied to the Constant metric input in the Data Input Widget.

  3. The time resolution to the trends of Equation Metric issues is fixed.

  4. The Spatial Heatmap widget is fixed to display the attribute's distribution in the Asset's cross-section area.

  5. 2-State Indicator or the Alert widget is now compatible with mobile devices.

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