Note : Any Users can perform this.

Subscribe to a dashboard report in an Excel (.xls) format with a few simple steps as explained below:

  1. Click on the Reports tab in the left navigation panel.
  2. Click on +New Report to create a new report subscription.

 3. Enter the below field details in the New Scheduled Report screen:

  • Dashboard : Choose a dashboard name from the list in the drop down menu.
  • Type : Choose Report (XLS)
  • Frequency : Choose a frequency for how often you want to receive the report.
  • Duration (Hours) : To be chosen if the Frequency is set to HOURLY.
  • Time : To be chosen if the Frequency is set to DAILY.
  • Day of the Week: To be chosen if the Frequency is set to WEEKLY.
  • Day of the Month: To be chosen if the Frequency is set to MONTHLY.
  • Email Delivery : Check the Checkbox in order to receive an email notification with the link to the report.

 4. Click on the Generate Report button to schedule the report.
 5. Navigate to the All Reports Screen to view your scheduled reports and Edit/Delete them.

Pro Tip: Know how to export a dashboard in .xls format Click Here.

 6. The generated report is saved in the My Files by default which can be navigated through the My Profiles panel.

 7. Click on the file to download it to your system.
 8. An email notification is also sent along with a link to the report to the user's email address if the Email Delivery checkbox is chosen while scheduling the report.

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