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The Stockpile Admin screen in the allows site implementers to initialize stockpiles using the app itself, without relying much on offline IntelliSense support. This section leads the implementer through the whole initialization process, step by step.

The Stockpile Admin section comprises of three key components:

  1. Stockpiles page

  2. Scan Upload

  3. Initialize Stockpile

STOCKPILES page displays the status of each of the initialization steps plus basic information such as the stockpile names and starts dates set up by the implementer for initialization of each of the stockpiles.

SCAN UPLOAD page enables site implementers to upload scans for conformation purposes into the services through the app, besides exposing the information related to the status of any type of scan uploaded into the stockpile services through the app o from data lakes for initialization of stockpiles. Scans can be either accepted or rejected by the Scan service according to their quality; so this page also provides the option to download a PDF QA scan report in order to offer insights about the quality of the scans.

INITIALIZE STOCKPILES page drives the implementer through each of the steps required for initialization. It allows the initialization of both new stockpiles (from scratch) and existing ones according to the site needs. All steps must be fulfilled in order to initialize the stockpile modelling.

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