Feature life cycle testing is a type of software testing whereby the system is tested against the:

  • Requirements/specifications by feeding them specific inputs and examining the expected output through a written set of test cases that should cover all alternative flows to validate the software.

  • Regression by ensuring new/upgraded features do not break existing features

Feature Life Cycle Test Results

Below are the overall test cases statuses for each module.

Below also the statuses for some run cycles across time

We get rid of some modules that were broken or replaced with some new screens.

Brains.app Bugs status

  • The total number of bugs found while executing this cycle (19).

  • All planned test cases were executed.

  • Critical, Highest, and High defects are Closed.

🛡 Security checks

Security checks are run to make sure the system is secure. IntelliSense.io uses the highest standard of security standards.

  • Security checks covered and passed as per testing standard (details here)

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