A common challenge in heap leach operations is trying to produce a consistent crushed product size that is amenable to leaching. This problem is amplified by dealing with variability in ore characteristics such as hardness, friability, etc. A crushed product with high fines will affect the leaching kinetics downstream and lead to excessive acid consumption and localized flooding.

Our Solution

The solution to address the root cause of high fine fraction is the Fine Fraction Prediction Model. This model predicts real-time fine fraction or percentage particle size of crusher product and monitoring crusher performance based on power draw.

This Virtual Sensor can be visualized using a dashboard. This is an reference dashboard showing the Fine Fraction Virtual Sensor with other key variables:


  1. Navigate to the Fine Fraction Prediction dashboard in your

  2. Select historic data and choose period. (Live mode can also be selected once Live data integration is implemented).

  3. Observe the Line graph to see how % fine fraction content(Green) is trending against the lab analysis(Blue) and threshold(red line).

  4. See the major property influences contributing to the high fine fraction.

  5. Compare the accuracy of the prediction to the lab results.


This allows you to:

  • Adapt plant feed in real-time to minimize high fines events that affect leaching efficiency.

  • Better pad irrigation strategy based on material/ ore characteristics to avoid unnecessary acid consumption.

  • Effective production planning.

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