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How do I manage License Information?
How do I manage License Information?

How to add/delete license information.

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Users who can do this: Administrators.

All products are provided following the Software as a Service model. Each product has a subscription license that indicates the subscription period for your site.

The license view page is a convenient place to view the current subscription licenses for your site and manage them. In addition, the platform notifies users about the subscriptions that expire within the next 90 days or already expired.

License Information Page.

To view the current list of subscription licenses for your site please use the License Information link in the profile menu as shown below.

License Information Page contains the list of all subscription licenses for your site with information about the remaining time before the next renewal, as shown below.

Manage Licenses.

When you receive an email from administrators with a Product Id and Licence Key you can register it on the License Information page. Please use an activation button to bring up the License Activation form as shown below.

Enter both the Product ID and License Key in the form and click CONFIRM.

The new subscription license information block will appear on the License Information Page, as shown below.

Use the DELETE button in case if you would like to remove unnecessary subscription licenses.

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