Performance testing is split into two parts:

  • Load testing is the process of putting load (Number of Users) and checking the response of to check its behavior under defined load conditions.

Load performance testing is specific to each deployment, please contact the Support/Fields operation team with your load requirements and we'll get back to you shortly with the results of handling your request.

  • Stress testing aims to determine the maximum sudden high load for a considerable duration that causes the software to crash. This testing is carried out on the master branch.

Stress Testing

There are three variables in this type of testing:

  • Number of users online at the same time

  • The time allowed (in seconds) for a scenario to be completed

  • The number of time the test loops/repeats

Stress testing is split into two types of scenarios

  • Simple full scenarios can accept 40 users in 20 sec for 1 loop.

  • Heavy full scenarios can accept 30 users in 20 sec for 1 loop.

Any end-to-end flow for one scenario varies to accept: 50 users in 20 sec for 1 loop.

Current Release Performance Testing Status

Definition for each of these variables below:

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