A prominent challenge with Thickener circuits is that plant personnel often battle to consistently achieve their target underflow density or %solids.
This means:

  • More drying needed (filters, etc), meaning more power or lower throughput.

  • Wetter tailings (more volume per stacked solids).

It's a similar case with achieving the desired overflow clarity, where their thickeners often unexpectedly start sliming. Fines can contaminate the process to which the reclaimed water is recycled.

All of the above means that additional processing is required downstream. The product (for concentrate thickeners) or tails (for tails thickeners) are impacted - leading to higher operational costs & lower profit.

Solution's solution to this challenge is the Thickener Decision Optimizer.
The Thickener Application's Decision Optimizer finds the control variable setpoints that will ensure that the underflow density is stable at its target.

You can:

  1. See live predictions of how the Thickener circuit will respond to changing feed rates and properties

  2. Configure a “Value Driver” that sets the objectives of the Thickener circuit (e.g. maximize U/F density, minimize flocculant usage)

  3. Receive optimal control setpoints that steer the Thickener circuit to reaching these objectives

Value Driver used to configure the Thickener Decision Optimizer


This allows you to:

  • Prevent isolation events (or stoppages), increasing overall throughput

  • Run your Thickener circuit at its maximum potential, optimizing the plant profitability

Performance screen showing the optimized future of a Thickener, with recommended control variable values for that moment.

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