The reconciliation service in comes as a solution to process owners(Plant Metallurgist, Plant Superintendent, Plant Manager)with the ability to add value to the users by solving the following common problems:

Problem 1

When you have limited ability to confirm data transparency and would want to minimize time wasted on spreadsheet corrections.


With the Reconciliation configuration screen, you can do Reconciliation directly from process data, and receive the outputs in a report.


You can use this report to:

  • Allow the periodic reconciliation of processes to be formulated by any staff member with the required access.

  • And spend less time on data collection and analysis leads and more time spent on the interpretation of results, giving the site more insight into the operation

Problem 2

Metallurgical accounting is becoming more complex and challenging to track reports due to the numerous reports that need to be generated, along with the requests from Executives.


You can now do a single end-of-month Global Reconciliation on all site data (incl. logs, sheets, etc).


  • You are provided with a single source of truth, which is much easier to track.

  • Allows much faster access and understanding of what is happening at the processing plant(s)

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