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Projects are a great way of assessing the performance of an ongoing project by comparing it with a historic performance with a set of dynamic goals.

The Project metrics can be compared against two things: another period in time or an overall target.

ADD Project

Let's create a Project following the below steps:

1. Click on the Projects tab in the left navigation new and then click on New Projects

2. Enter a Project name and if you wish to share the project select YES from the list in the drop-down menu.

3. Select baseline and evaluation time frames for the project, to analyze the performance in this time frame.

3. To set a goal for the project, click the icon Create New Goal.

4. Select the Asset in the dropdown menu by clicking Select Asset and the metric you would want to monitor in the dropdown menu by clicking Select Metric

5. Select Goal Type, the goals can be set up in three ways; greater than, less than, and equal to plus or minus a percentage and set the Threshold against which you want to evaluate.

6. Click on Add Goal to save it successfully.

Note: Multiple goals can be added to the same project.

7. The new goal is now summarized under goals on the right of the screen.

8. Click on the Create Project in the top right to save it successfully.

12. Now the project summary is displayed with the baseline and evaluation data to analyze the performance in both the time frames.

Comparing the standard deviations is a great way of benchmarking variance.

A visual representation of the metrics trends is also available on the screen for the chosen time frames.

MANAGE Project

Any user-defined project can be managed by the Project owner/creator.

The Project toolbar is available on the Projects page with a set of toolbar functionality such as :

  • Duplicate

  • Archive

  • Edit

  • Delete

Click on each of these icons to manage an existing project to duplicate, edit, or delete them.

Once a project is closed you can archive it for later use if needed.

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