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An Asset can be machinery or amassment present in the mining operations, such as equipment and stockpiles, with defined properties.

The Administrate Assets screen displays all the existing Assets in the application.

Add Asset

To add and configure a new asset to the, follow the below steps.

1. Click on the Administration icon, which is last on the left navigation panel. Then click on "Asset Admin", the last option on the drop-down menu.

2. Click on the Add Asset. You can also press the duplicate button if you wish to create an asset similar to the one being duplicated.

3. Fill out the field highlighted below accordingly (or modify them in case you had duplicated), then press save changes when you are finished.
The config will have been pre-configured already with " {} ".

  • Name: Enter the name that you wish to call the asset

  • Mongo Asset Name: Enter the Asset name as in the Mongo Database. (the name available in the Raw Asset admin screen). E.g.- 411-THK-001

  • Use Metrics From Another Asset: Click on the checkbox to choose any existing metrics for your asset.

  • Grouping: Enter a group name. E.g. -Thickener

  • Type: Choose a Type type. What is an Asset Type? E.g.- High-Density Thickener (Virtual)

  • Parent: Enter the Asset ID if your Asset is a part of the Asset Hierarchy.

Note: The Asset has a parent Id when it is apart of the Asset hierarchy. The ID is the number assigned to the Asset after creation as seen in the left-most column of the Asset table.

In addition, You can fill other fields too if it's known or necessary.

Here is a video overview of the Add asset functionality.

Manage Asset

In order to manage an existing Asset, you can choose the Edit, Duplicate, and Delete button for each of the Assets in the Asset list.

Edit Asset details

  1. Select the asset you wish to manage or use the Search text area to find it.

2. Click on the Asset name to see the Asset Details form on the right-hand side of the screen.

3. Update the required fields and click the Save Changes button to save them successfully.

Learn more about the Asset details with Asset Basic Information screens.

Delete Asset

  1. Select the asset you wish to manage or use the Search text area to find it.

  2. Click on the Trash (Delete) icon for the asset and press OK in the Delete Confirmation message to delete it successfully from the application.

Here is a video overview of the Edit and Delete functions for an Asset.

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