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Asset types are groups of assets that are categorized by similar characteristics. Asset types define the kind of asset (Pump, Crusher, etc), type of property that is used during asset processing.

Add an Asset type

1. Click on the Administration icon on the left navigation menu, then click on the Asset Type Administration

2. In this screen you can see a list of existing Asset types with information like ID, Asset Type names. Manufacturer, Model, Class

3. Click on "Add Asset Type" to add create a new asset type, or use the duplicate button to copy an existing asset type and modify the information.

3. Fill out the field information as below.
The config will have been pre-configured already with " {} ".

4. Click on the Save Changes button to save it successfully.

Note: You can fill other fields too if it's known or necessary.

Here is a video overview of the create Asset type functionality.

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