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How do I use the toolbar to manage my dashboard?
How do I use the toolbar to manage my dashboard?

Details on dashboard toolbar.

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Dashboard toolbar provides quick access to a number of functions that can help you to manage dashboards in It is located in the top-right corner of window as shown below.

The dashboard toolbar functionalities are accessible only for the user-defined dashboards.
While some of the toolbars function is also available for all dashboard, such as

  • Set Homepage

  • Duplicate Dashboard

  • Export Dashboard

The following table provides descriptions for each button in the toolbar:

The home button sets the current page as the default system homepage for the current user.

The duplicate button makes a copy of the current dashboard so that the current user can modify it to suit their specific needs.

The Share button allows sharing the current user-defined dashboard with other users in similar roles. The green color for this button indicates that the current dashboard is shared.

The Export button allows to export/download dashboard data as a file in pdf, excel or CSV formats.

The Addbutton allows adding new widgets to the current user-defined dashboard.

The Arrows button allows re-ordering widgets in the current dashboard.

The Delete button deletes the current user-defined dashboard.

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