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Note: The general administration of metrics is described in the article Administrating metrics.

What is a MONGO metric?

A MONGO metric is a metric using Mongo as its source in the metric's configuration.

The metric types return values from the Mongo Database, involving various data assimilation techniques.

ADD Mongo Metric

To add a Constant metric to, please follow the below steps:

  1. Click on the administration icon on the left navigation panel to open the Admin menu.

  2. Click on Metric Admin in the menu to access the Administrate Metric screen.

  3. Click on the ADD METRIC button to add a new metric to

  4. Fill in the below field details in the New Metric form:

  • Name: Type a metric name as described in the article How to name a metric?

  • Unit: Select the unit of measurement for this metric.

  • Icon: Select an icon to represent this metric.

  • Source: Select the data source to be MONGO.

  • Value: Enter the value of this constant metric.

  • Cumulative: Tick the checkbox, if this value needs to be cumulated.
    Learn More about which units of measurements allow cumulation here- Cumulative metrics.

  • Colour: Select a color for this metric label.

  • Mongo Metric Name: Set it to the metric Mongo dB name.
    Note: The Mongo metric name can be obtained from the development team.

  • Click on the CONFIRM button, to add the new metric successfully.

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