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Users who can do this: All Users. provides the ability to configure resolution for time series data displays for both Live and Historical modes. Resolution setting controls how many data points are displayed on a graph. It can be set to four different values:

  • Minute: one data point per minute within selected time range;

  • Hour: one data point per hour within selected time range;

  • Day: one data point per day within selected time range;

  • Auto: one of the above values are chosen depending on selected time range.

To change Resolution setting please use Date/Time Picker menu in the top-right corner of window and click on Resolution selector to see applicable choices as shown below.

Source data at higher resolution than indicated in Resolution setting will be averaged to match it. For example, below you can see three graphs with the same data displayed with Resolution set to Minute (top), Hour (bottom) and Day (bottom).

You can set Resolution value to Auto and in this case its actual value (Minute / Hour / Day) will be selected automatically depending on time range settings to balance readability of data and performance of the application.

High Resolution values for lengthy time ranges can detrimentally affect performance of the application, if it is the case the setting is switched to default value Auto.

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