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To have control over the mass transactions from the pit to the stockpiles and from the stockpiles to the crushers is usually a challenge, particularly for big mining operations.

The Stockpile Mass Inventory dashboard provides you the right information to track and control how much material is being dumped to and reclaimed from each stockpile and subsequently fed to the existing crushers.

The dashboard comprises a set of widgets or data visualization techniques to analyze the flow of materials from the pit to the crushers.

In the dashboard, the Pie Charts represents the proportion of :

  • Material dumped in the stockpile

  • Material Reclaimed from the stockpile

  • And Material fed to the crushers.

This information is also represented over time so trends in mass deposition and reclamation can be analyzed.

A set of LIVE test widgets shares a single value that summarises the deposition and reclamation of material on each stockpile, plus the material sent to the crusher.

You can create a similar dashboard to control your stockpiles mass inventory, by following the below steps:

  1. Goto an existing Mass Inventory Dashboard in

  2. Click on the Duplicate Dashboard button on the toolbar to copy the dashboard and modify the metrics as required for your stockpile.

  3. Or if you wish to create a new dashboard, click on the Dashboard icon on the left navigation panel and choose +New Dashboard.

  4. Use the dashboard toolbar to add a widget type that best suits you.

  5. Configure the widget by selecting the metrics related to mass attached to each stockpile. Such as:

  • Mass dumped

  • Mass reclaimed

  • Cumulative mass

6. Save the widget to add it to the dashboard.

Learn more about the different Stockpile dashboards and the abilities.

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