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Knowing exactly what is feeding the crushers means proactive changes can be made to optimize blending and plant operation in real-time. The stockpile application incorporates metrics to track material properties and the amount of mass that is feeding the crushers and enables users to organize material flows in time series according to its origin to aid decision making.

The dashboard comprises a set of widgets to analyze the flow of materials and their constituents to the crushers.

The graphical representation shows the average variability of key material properties such as %CuT (Total copper grade), As (Arsenic the main contaminant), and the % metallurgical recovery contained in the amount of material that feeds the crusher during the set period.

While the LIVE text widgets provide you the details of :

  • The key constituent of the material dumped into each crusher, that is Copper Arsenic. Phosphorous.

  • Tonnes of material fed to each crusher and the recoveries.

  • The average key material properties fed to each crusher.

Hence this essential information can be used by the Geometallurgist to make the tactical decision regarding the reclaim strategy and plant operations.

You can create a similar dashboard by following the below steps :

  1. Go to an existing Crusher Feed Dashboard in

  2. Click on the Duplicate Dashboard button on the toolbar to copy the dashboard and modify the metrics as required for your crusher.

  3. Or if you wish to create a new dashboard, click on the Dashboard icon on the left navigation panel and choose +New Dashboard.

  4. Use the dashboard toolbar to add widget types. such as Line graphs, pie charts, and LIVE text boxes.

  5. Configure the widget by selecting the metrics associated with "Crushers" such as %CuT_Dumped_Crusher1.

  6. Save the widget to add it to the dashboard.

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