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This article is designed to introduce you to the My Profile section and its features.

The top of the My Profile section displays the users:

  • Display Name

  • Email Id

  • User Role

  • Last login information

The next section allows the user to manage their profile and access system-generated documentation.

My Files

Any system/ generated files and reports saved in the My Files section of the application. Such as exported dashboards, scheduled reports, and user-uploaded files.

The My Files page lists all the generated files and reports based on the generated time. Hence you can access them at any time and manage them as required as below:

  • Type a file name in the search text area to look for an existing file.

  • Click on the File name to view the file.

  • Click on the Download icon of the respective File to download.

  • Click the X icon of the respective file to delete it from the list.

  • Select All files to perform multiple file deletion.

  • While you can also choose one or more files with the checkbox for deletion.

In order to Upload Files to,please follow the below steps:

  • Click the Browse button to select a File for upload,ensuring the file size doesnot exceed the limit that is 15Mb.

  • Template files for creating a new template reports can be uploaded from my file page too, but this file should be jrxml format with a valid name. Languages is available and can localized in three different languages such as

You can choose your preeferred language by click on the respective options. User Manuals

The User Manuals are created to provide assistance to the application users on the different Platform features and its functions in a simplified manner.

It includes a description of the platform functions, capabilities, operations, and step-by-step procedures for system access and use.

Along with the specific high-level function performed by the as a system.

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