⚙ What's Improved!

  1. Export your LIVE text widget information on the dashboard in both .csv and .xls file formats.

  2. The pie-charts widgets are now supported by a color legend. The legend is linked to the data being graphically displayed in the plot area of the chart.

  3. The Administrate translation screen has been removed from the Admin Menu with an improved translation tool to manage the brains.app translation efficiently.

  4. Stay tuned until the release, for an upgraded version of the Data Upload and Integration screen and the Spatial Heat Map widget.

🐛What's Fixed!

  1. Field validations applied to the Asset range fields, to ensure the set ranges are mathematically correct.

  2. The brains.app screen pagination is set to be 25 records as a default per page. (For the newly designed screens like Administrate Metric admin, Administrate user admin, Administrate asset metric admin)

  3. The Y-axis on the bar graph is now fixed to shows units of measure of the chosen metric.

  4. The inability to export Asset logs is now fixed. Export your logs now in your preferred format effortlessly.

  5. The Scatter plots are adjusted to be viewed in the full-screen mode, along with the ability to modify the plots with functions to have the best continuity properties.

  6. The Searchability has been improved for the new Administrate designed screen.

  7. Minor improvements doen to the Search abilty in various Administrate Screens.

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