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Users who can do this - Metallurgist

When the material is reclaimed from stockpiles you can see the quantity of material reclaimed and recovered in a dashboard to have an overview of the status.

The dashboards can be configured for each stockpile to show the average material properties and mass of the material that has been reclaimed from a stockpile over a set period of time for reconciliation purposes.

It generally comprises a set of LIVE text widgets that gives you a single value of the reclaimed material properties.

You can create a similar Reclaiming Report dashboard for your Stockpile by following the below steps :

  1. Goto an existing Recaliming Report Dashboard in

  2. Click on the Duplicate Dashboard button on the toolbar to copy the dashboard and modify the metrics as required for your crusher.

  3. Or if you wish to create a new dashboard, click on the Dashboard icon on the left navigation panel and choose +New Dashboard.

4. Use the dashboard toolbar to add widget types. such as LIVE text boxes.

5. Configure the widget by selecting the metrics related to Mass Reclaimed and Recovery.

6. Save the widget to add it to the dashboard.

These dashboards can be exported to be used for the end of the monthly Reconciliation process in different ways, such as :

1. Use the Export button in the dashboard toolbar, and choose a preferred format to download the dashboard data.

2. Schedule a report to automatically export this dashboard data on a chosen time interval and get notified with an email.

Tips: Similar dashboards can be created to report the average material properties and mass of the material dumped on a stockpile and the current content.

In general, any information available in the block model can be shown in these reporting dashboards and also exported into a CSV file as required.

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