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The modeling service developed by the team, uses material deposition, reclaiming event data, along with material properties and GPS data to model the spatial distribution of material with its properties in a stockpile.
The outputs are represented in the as a 3D block model, where a stockpile's properties can be visualized and can be used in different mine planning software.

  1. The 3D Block model files generated for each stockpile are available for download in CSV format in

  2. Navigate to the desired stockpile in the Asset Hierarchy through the Search field or the expand icons.

  3. Click on the information icon to access the Asset details screens.

  4. Navigate to the Files tab and download one of these CSV files.

5. These files are periodically generated and uploaded here by the stockpile model service.

6. You can download and save it to your personal computer.

7. When you open this file, the first three columns refer to the x,y,z centroid coordinates of your 3D block model.

8. The other columns represent the properties that are tracked and the entire sheet represents the entire stockpile.

  • The Age of the material is also part of the information available in the 3d block model. It lays under age_weeks the column which represents the number of weeks old the material is at the time of the block3d generation.

  • Stockpile subregions is a field in the 3d block model that enables Ore grade controllers and mine planners to identify predefined segregated areas (when they exist) in within the main stockpile.

9. This file with model information can be imported to any mine planning software or geomodelling software or used as it is.

Below is a demonstration of the 3D block model download in

Did you accidentally deleted a 3D Model for a stockpile from, Contact Us and we will recover it for you.

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