⚙ What's Improved!

  1. Manage the brains.app Asset metric structure with improved design and process. Adjust your variable ranges in the same Asset Metric Admin screen without navigating to the Asset Ranges Admin.

2. Export your LIVE text widget information on the dashboard in .csv and .xls file formats.

3. Revert the last changes done to the Asset Metric structure with the UNDO function.

4. brains.app Date and Time picker is updated to allow the users choose a minimum of 3Days of data for Daily Resolution. And a minimum of 3Hours of data for Hourly Resolution.
Hence you can see a validation error message when the Resolution rules are not met.

🐛What's Fixed!

  1. The growing tooltip on the Data Quality screen is fixed now.

  2. The Search field functionality in the Search and Asset Hierarchy is fixed.

  3. The Data Input widget with the Interval data type now allows users to add data successfully.

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