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The Academy is an e-learning platform offering learning opportunities in “Industry 4.0 and AI’ technologies to users through a series of training programs.

These educational programs are built around the and provides certification for three different levels of skills: Level 1 (L1) Beginner to Level 3 (L3) Expert.

Currently, it offers you training programs and certification at three skill levels Beginner, Advanced, and Expert, that are designed for three different User types, such as :

  • User

  • Administrators

  • Specialists

Fluorite'20 introduces the Academy learning portals for Spanish and Russian users including the courses in Spanish and Russian languages, to ensure that the growing global workforce receives adequate training and the necessary education to strengthen their understanding of the products.

This evident progression shows the willingness to assist and support our most significant users.

The Learning portals are accessible at: Academy-Esp Academy-Rus

Learning certificates are a source of motivation awarded for the completion of a training course that corresponds to a training level.

Hence a certificate is awarded for passing each level of the training programs

  • Certification ensures users are sufficiently trained to use the software and grants them access to it.

  • On the certificate acquisition, the user is referred to as a Certified User/Developer/Specialist and hence provided with access to

New Certifications

Flourite’20 also brings you two new Specialist- Level 1 courses for Grinding and Stockpile applications in three different languages such as English, Spanish, and Russian. Specialist-Grinding-Level 1 Training aims to help the Sag Mill Operators, Operation Manager, and Metallurgist :

  • Understand the current Mill ball charge with the Ball Charge Model dashboard.
    And to be able to follow the ball addition recommendations by periodically.

  • Analyze the Mill liner profile with the Liner Wear dashboard to schedule timely maintenance.

  • Receive notification of a potential mill overload long before it happens.

  • Have a better understanding of the process dynamics inside the mill. Specialist-Stockpile-Level 1 Training aims to help the Process Engineer and Geologist :

  • Understand the mineral composition of the material within each of your stockpiles.

  • Understand near real-time data on the deposited, stocked, and reclaimed material from the stockpile.

  • By giving an analysis tool by tracking the flow of materials and their properties.

  • Perform better mine planning decisions and optimizes plant performance to deliver optimal value.

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