Grinding circuits are right at the beginning of minerals processing plants, making them critically important in ensuring that you are able to get the concentrate you want. Stopping the Grinding circuit normally means stopping your whole plant. The same goes for stability. You want to look after it and make sure it runs as well en efficiently as it can.

The latest Release of our Grinding Optimization Application provides Metallurgists, Operators, and Plant Managers with the ability to "see" inside the mill, and thereby optimize the operation of the Grinding circuit.

Challenge 1

You are unable to see how many balls are in the mill.

  • Performance is impacted by not having the right ball charge

  • You need to stop to mill to see how many balls are inside


You can see the mill’s Ball Charge in real-time, and receive prompts on when to add balls to maintain it at the desired level.


This allows you to:

  • Stabilize grind performance in the desired range

  • Avoid unnecessary ball or mill liner costs

  • Prevent unnecessary mill stoppages (increased throughput)

Challenge 2

Mill feed changes often cause the mill to go into overload unexpectedly, requiring you to stop the mill.


You are alerted of a potential mill overload long before it happens.


This helps you:

  • Achieve a more stable Grinding Circuit due to less abrupt feed cuts

  • Prevent mill stoppages (increased throughput)

There's much more that we haven't managed to fit in here. Think scheduling mill liner replacements, and knowing your mill residence time in real-time.

Contact Us so we can show you how the latest Grinding Application can help you improve your plant.

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