Flotation circuits often have a lack of visibility on how the reagent additions, pulp levels, and air addition rates are impacting the process grade and recoveries. And even on sites where the grades are measured online, these are often done per bank (e.g. Roughers or Cleaners), still leaving plant personnel unsure about what changes to make to optimize their operation.

The latest Release of our Flotation Optimization Application provides Metallurgists and Operators with visibility on how their individual flotations cells and -columns are performing.

Challenge 1

We don't know how our flotation cells/columns are performing individually & how each contributes to the overall recoveries.


You can see real-time virtual sensors that show the live grades & recoveries of your individual flotation cells & columns – seeing how they respond to changing feed properties and other process changes.
Without the need for froth cameras!


You can use these to:

  • Optimize your flotation circuit by controlling each flotation cell's product grade and recovery directly

  • Avoid undesirable performance by quickly responding

Challenge 2

We don't know if we are using the right amount of air in the flotation cells.


You can see real-time virtual sensors of the Gas Hold-up in our flotation cells, which can guide you on how to optimize your airflow rates per cell/column.


  • Improved flotation cell performance as you're using the correct air flowrates

  • Measurements by non-physical virtual sensors that needs no physical maintenance

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