is excited to launch Flourite'20, the latest version of, the real-time decision-making platform for the natural resource industry powered by Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) technology.

The Fluorite'20 release includes the upgrades to the “out of the box” Optimisation as a Service (OaaS) Applications for each process within the mine to market.

This current release focuses on three main areas;

  • Material movement

  • Data (quality and hybrid deployment)

  • AI transparency.

We wanted to focus on one of the biggest challenges of mining industries, linking the spatial data provided from our digital mine applications into our digital plant applications in real-time. We also wanted to ensure this was done transparently, reliably with cleaned data” - Mark de Geus, Product Director

Here's what's Improved in the Products

Grinding Circuit Optimization

  1. Improved Ball Charge model accuracy and robustness being responsive to real-time process conditions.

  2. Know and directly control the composition of the mill charge in real-time, instead of merely knowing the total weight of the mill content with the Dynamic Mill Charge Model. Read More

Digital Stockpile

  1. Know exactly what’s coming into a plant with the Material Transport Model in order to make proactive changes to optimize blending in real-time.

  2. Increase the system accuracy with better error handling in the data stream using the Data Quality metrics.

  3. Increased scalability with bulldozing event tracking.

  4. Increases application robustness and uptime by creating new data with GPS filling.

  5. Save users' time with shift/monthly reporting of the dashboards. Read More

Flotation Optimization

Track physically unmeasurable process performance metrics, to have direct, real-time feedback on flotation performance and respond as needed to maximize recovery with the Performance Virtual Sensors. Read More

Thickener Circuit Optimization

Out of the box, Configuration Optimizer increases the user ability, configurability of a Value Driver to set the priorities for the Thickener Optimizer. Read More

Heap Leach Optimization

  1. Know the particle size distribution to improve recovery.

  2. Predict the instability of stacked material based on moisture content with the Material Influence model. Read More


Spend less time gathering operational data, and report more accurate reconciled data with the Reconciliation Configuration screens. Read More

Hybrid Deployment

A new deployment configuration that enables users to realize the benefits of the optimization models running on local servers or mine's OT network increases the system integration capability to close the control loop.

2 State Indicator Widget

A new data visualization method that displays a different colour and sound depending on the state of the data. Use the widget to receive an audiovisual alert every time anticipates a critical event.

New contextual Data Type

  1. Interval data type allows you to perform manual entry of sequential dated data to capture asset information within arbitrary time intervals.

  2. When data is entered into infrequently/manually, the user can perform Data Interpolation and use the resulting continuous, high-frequency data set in

Time Shift Equation

An extensible data processing technique allowing Admin users to add custom equations supporting the new TimeShift function.

Read More

eLearning Platform for Spanish and Russian users
and new Training

Onboard on the products faster to achieve the desired value in less time. Read More

Digital Maturity Assessment

This online questionnaire makes tracking an existing customer's digital journey quantifiable and makes sales engagement and product recommendations easier. Read More

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