🐛What's Fixed!

  1. Adding a new user's accounts to brains.app in Spanish and Russian is now enabled.

  2. Font size adjusted in the new Administrate screen to be better viewable.

  3. Field validation applied to the "Configure your Widget" form fields while adding any widget to the dashboard.
    Hence you cannot add a widget without any widget information.

  4. Field validation errors updated for the missed fields while subscribing to a report.

  5. Date and Time PIcker now displays the current brains.app mode i.e LIVE or Historic.

  6. The Spatial Heatmap widget is now rectified to display the right cross-sectional data upon changing the z-height in the standard widget mode.
    While the full-screen mode is not supported any more for this widget type.

  7. The 'Equation text' field has been removed for a MANUAL metric addition to ensuring metric values are populated with manually filled data.

  8. Field validations applied to the Job parameters to ensure all the fields have data to run a new Reconciliation job.

  9. The application notification toasts are aligned to the center of the screen to steer clear of overlapping with the brains.app messenger.

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