⚙ What's Improved!

  1. Re-arrange your preferred widgets on the dashboard with the Reorder button on the dashboard toolbar.
    Along with the re-ordering ability available for the Data Input and the 2 State Indicator widgets too.

2. Field validation applied to the Equation field in the Add New Metric form to
ensure an Equation is defined for every Metric Source as EQUATION.

🐛What's Fixed!

  1. Restricting users to add a new metric in the Administrate metric Screen has been fixed.

  2. The PDF Report subscription with email is resumed back to deliver the notification with the generated report link.

  3. The missing the widget resize button on the user-defined dashboard is now available.

  4. Field validations applied to the input fields for a Data Input widget to avoid duplicate entries on the same dates.

  5. The brains.app messenger overlapping the application operation's success/failure messages is fixed.

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