Note : Any User can do this. introduces a new LIVE widget known as the Two state indicator widget.
This widget help to emphasize on the binary metrics such as an alert or a LIVE notification with colour and sound.

To configure a Two state indicator widget on your dashboard, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to a user-defined dashboard and click on the "+" Add Widget icon on the dashboard toolbar.
  2. Scroll down the screen to find the Interactive Widget and click on the Two State Indicator Widget.

3. Lets configure the widget now, the configuration screen comprises of a list of Metrics, Data Set, Configure Widget Options and Preview section.

4. The metrics column lists all the Asset and Metrics categorised by the data source type that is DATA with the unit On/Off.

5. Type a Asset/Metric name in the Search field to look for a metric in the list.
6. Drag and drop the Metrics from the list to the Data Sets column.

7. In the Configure Widget Option section, enter the widget title to appear on the dashboard.
And click on the drop down menu,to choose the respective state colours.

Generally the State OFF is represented by Grey and State ON by Red as it is a representation of an alert.

8. The widget is generated in the Preview section and currently displays the state to be OFF,while on the dashboard the colour would change based on the state (On/Off).

9. The system sounds when the state turns ON. The alerting can be enabled/disabled by clicking on the Speaker icon in the widget preview.

10. Click on the Save button, to save the new widget successfully.

11. The new widget should be successfully populated in your dashboard now and the state changes with colour and sound based on the metric outputs.

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