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How to input singular contextual data from dashboard?
How to input singular contextual data from dashboard?
Singular data entry
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Note : Any User can do this.

The Data Input Widget allows user to enter contextual data in three different forms such as Singular,Interval and Constant.

To add a Singular data to ,follow the below steps:

The widget on the dashboard is displayed with the below field details:

  • Metric Name

  • Unit

  • Date

  • Value

  • Action Button (Add)

  • Action Button (Edit)

Add Entry

  1. Choose the Singular tab on the widget to enter data.

  2. To add a LIVE/historic data for a metric, click on the "+" icon.

  3. In the Add Singular data form choose a date and enter the data in the Value field.

  4. Click on Use Value Default,to use the default value set for this metric.

  5. In order to set the entered value a default value,click on the Set Value Default button.

6. Click on the Submit button to save the input value successfully.
7. The Value field on the Data Input Widget displays the latest updated value for the Metric.

Edit Entry

  1. To edit an input value for a metric ,click on the Edit icon for the metric.

  2. The Edit Data Entry screen lists all the input values saved for the metric over time.

  3. In the Edit Data Entry screen , click on the Edit button against the input value you want to update.

  4. Make the required changes to the value and click on the Blue Tick to save it successfully, or click on the Red Cross to revert back to original value.

Delete Entry

To delete an input value , click on the Trash icon against the value and click Delete to confirm the deletion.

Below is a visualization of the singular data entry functionality in

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