Cumulative metrics are defined as increasing or increased in quantity, degree, or force by successive additions. A simple example follows:

  • In red is the throughput per hour

  • In blue is the cumulative version of this metric totalised over the time period shown in tonnes

They work for the following metrics:

  • Count based items (e.g. incidents over time)

  • Any units per hour (e.g. tonnes per hour will accumulate to tonnes)

Any other metric will not accumulate for example:

  • Dose in grams/tonne will not accumulate to grams as tonnes are unknown

To activate the cumulative tick the box on the metric admin screen

Note: The metrics accumulate over the time period selected in the app, this works in both live and historic mode. The live widgets (e.g. text box) will show the most recent (or total) variable total over the live time period shown for cumulative variables - these widgets normally show averages over time.

Note: Cumulative metrics are resolution sensitive (the resolution must be complete for the accumulation to be valid):

  • Minutely accumulation work over any acceptable time period as it is the lowest level of granularity

  • Hourly accumulation work unless the time is under a complete hour

  • Daily accumulation work until the time is less than a complete day

  • Daily accumulations are triggered at 00:00 GMT

If you are in another timezone, please be aware of this and setting your computers clock to GMT will solve this temporarily.

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