The Academy is a learning management system used to implement and assess learning processes on the different products.

It hosts a series of educational training programme built around the and the OaaS applications to help understand the product(features/functions) and its benefits.

Users of different backgrounds can either specialise in their target product or broaden their knowledge with the below training programs: User and Administrator covers the platforms functions and features. Developer teaches potential collaborators how to develop their own custom applications. Specialist is dedicated to each of our live applications.

The Academy provides certification for three different skill levels,such as:
Level 1 (L1) Beginner
Level 2 (L2) Advanced

Level 3 (L3) Expert

Beginner level is intended for the new users to help understand the basics of the application and familiarise with the look and feel.

Advanced level is intended for the users who have acquired the basics and want to interact and explore to derive value.

Expert level is intended for the users interested in the function configurations.

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