Feature life cycle testing is a type of software testing whereby the system is tested against the: 

  • Requirements/specifications by feeding them specific inputs and examining the expected output through a written set of test cases that should cover all alternative flows to validate the software.

  • Regression by ensuring new/upgraded features do not break existing features 

Feature Life Cycle Test Results

Below is the overall test cases status and each module status.

Brains.app Bugs status

  • Total number of bugs found while executing this cycle (31).

  • Charts show the number of bugs by severity, priority and status below:

  • All planned test cases were executed.

  • All Critical defects are Closed.

Blocked Test Cases

  • Blocked test cases for the data and integration module are excluded from the total number of the planned test cases.

  • Data and integration screen is in beta version - only seen by super admin users, general available version expected 2020 

🛡 Security checks

Security checks are run to make sure the system is secure. IntelliSense.io uses the highest standard of security standards.

  • 14 test cases covered and passed as per testing standard (details here)

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