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The User Admin area enables the user to:

  • Register New Users

  • Manage Existing Users

Register New Users

Click on the Settings icon on the left side menu and select User Admin. To register new user, click on Add User button and fill the user information as below:

  • First name

  • Last Name

  • Display Name: This will appear in the my profile

  • Email address

Note: Email addresses must be unique, i.e. if a user wants two log ins for different roles they must be different. Duplicated email address cause log in errors.

  • Language

Note: This will be the user's default language. If the user tries to log in in a different language, will prompt them back to their default

  • Role - List of predefined user roles

Note: When a user shares content (Dashboards, reports, projects, etc..) it is shared with those in the same user role.

  • Admin - Check box to mark this user as an admin

Note: By ticking the admin box, the user will have access to all admin sections (User, Asset Admin, Metric Admins, Etc...). can create custom admin roles as per customer requests.

Note: Admins can edit their own basic information, however advanced functions like reset password or changing roles needs to be changed by an admin other than oneself. 

  • Basic - Check box to  limit the users functionality to view only

  • Click on Add User button to add this as a new user to this application.user

  • An Email will be sent to the entered Email address with a random generated password that should be changed during the 1st login

Manage Existing Users

  • Click on User Name in the user list to edit any of the user information

  • Edits can be made to the users information without resetting their password, just make sure to save the Changes

  • To filter the results, use the Search bar

  • Click on Advanced button to view more details about the users. This can be useful to find out who created the user in the first place and when.

If the user cannot reset their password themselves using the forgotten password workflow, this often happens as they may not remember the email used for example, the admin user can force their password to be reset using the Reset Password button.

To revoke access to un-tick the Active box. This user will not be deleted, there is no option to delete users in

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