What's New!

New Analysis widget type
Introducing a new widget type, a Spatial Heatmap for all the brains.app users.
This widget provides you an ability to look at the cross-sectional view of your Asset.

It's a great way to visualize all the properties associated with a Stockpile.
Learn more about How do I configure a Spatial Heatmap widget?

Bug Fixes

  1. Sorting of the 'Date' field is now fixed for the contextual data entry table.

  2. Adding a manual log to the Asset log screen is fixed.

  3. The LIVE Image widget title is now aligned with the image and the image does not overlap anymore.

  4. The exported .PDF files are now updated with the changes made to the dashboard.

  5.  The navigation to brains.app default homepage upon dashboard deletion is now working as expected.

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