When your customers visit your Help Center they’re looking for something specific. The articles you write should help your customers do this one specific thing.
Here is a set of guidelines to follow while you write an article in order for your customers to be successful with your product. 

Where do I write the Article?

  1. Login to your Intercom user account.

  2. Click on the Article/fourth icon on the left navigation panel.

  3. Choose the Article tab.

  4. You can see the list of all the existing articles for the Help Center here.

  5.  Click on the Add Article button on the top right corner of the screen to get started.

How do I write an Article for my application?

Articles can be written to help a set of target customers on how to use the application or can also be used to share information about the various application features and functions in general.

What to write?

1. Talk to your customer support team to find out where they’re getting stuck and prioritize creating content for those use cases. 

Start writing 

 1. Article Title - Write a short, yet descriptive article title. This is the first thing people see when they browse your Help Center so do not forget to use good keywords to help search and recognize your article.
Focus on the job your customers want to do, not the feature they want to use.

2. Article subtitle -  A summary of what the article covers.
Please see the below example for reference:

3. Article Content 

  • Specify the application the article is applying to (Thickener, Grinding, Stockpile).

  • Specify a user type who could use this article (brains.app user type - User, Admin, Developer, Specialist).

  • Create step-by-step instructions/workflow to help users when they try to achieve a result or hit a problem.

  • Ask a teammate to walk through the workflow too -  they might spot points you’ve missed.

  • Add images or videos to show customers how to complete a task. Hover your mouse over the left-hand side of the editor and click the + icon. Highlight the required section of the image in Red color only.

  • Use the simplest, clearest language to explain any workflow.

Please see the below Article example for reference :

Note: You can save your article as a draft at any point - just tick the ‘Save as draft’ box. If you’ve saved your article as a draft you’ll need to untick this box before you publish it.

How do I choose who can see my article?

If an article is published, it’s visible to everyone by default. With Articles Settings, you can choose a set of target audiences who can view your article.

  • Click on the Article Settings in the top right corner and set the rules to choose a set of people.

  • Choose the correct folder where the article will be listed on the Help Center.

How do I publish my article?

Once you’ve finished your article go ahead and set it live so your customers can benefit from your advice right away. 

  • Select the Published link on the menu and click on the Save and Close button to save it successfully.

Localise your article

Every article has these three tabs for English, Spanish and Russian versions. Click on the Edit Article button to update the article content in the respective translations.
Switch between the tabs to view the same article in different languages.

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