Note : Any User can do this. introduces a new interactive widget known as the Data Input Widget.
This is an improvement feature to the Single Data Entry on,which allows user to enter Live data manually into the application.
Hence the user can use the Data Input widget to perform the same action as in single data entry while monitoring on the same dashboard.

To know how to add a Data Input widget to your dashboard, follow the below steps :

  1. Navigate to a user-defined dashboard and click on the "+" Add Widget icon on the dashboard toolbar.
  2. Scroll down the screen to find the Interactive Widget and click on the Data Input Widget.

   3. Lets configure the Data Input table now, the configuration screen comprises of a           list of Metrics, Data Set and Preview sections.

 4. The metrics column lists all the Asset and Metrics which has the data source as             MANUAL.
 5. Type a Asset/Metric name in the Search field to look for a metric in the list.
 6. Drag and drop the Metrics from the list to the Data Sets column.
 7. The data input table is generated in the Preview section as per the metrics chosen.
 8. The Preview section does not allow user to upload data in to the application.
 9. Type the widget name in the Preview section.
 10. Click on the Save button, to save the new widget successfully.

11. The new widget should be successfully populated in your dashboard now.

Now as we have configured the widget,lets see how to use the widget in the dashboard in the below steps :

  1. The Data Input Widget comprises these field :
     Metric Name  
     Last Updated
     Input Value
     Action Button (Add)
     Action Button (Edit)
  2. To add a LIVE/historic data for a metric, click on the "+" icon.
  3. In the Add Data Entry form choose a date and enter the data in the Value field.
  4. Click on the Default checkbox to set the entered value as the default data.

  5. Click on the Submit button to save the input value successfully.
  6. The Input value field on the Data Input Widget displays the latest updated value             for the Metric.
  7. To edit an input value for a metric ,click on the Edit icon for the metric.
  8. The Edit Data Entry screen lists all the input values saved for the metric over time.
  9. In the Edit Data Entry screen , click on the Edit button against the input value you          want to update.
  10. Make the required changes to the value and click on the Green Tick to save it               successfully, or click on the Red Cross to revert back to original value.

11. To delete an input value , click on the Trash icon against the value and click Delete to confirm the deletion.

Look at the below video to understand the widget functionality better.

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