What's New-Version 19.2.2 

Quick feature tutorial

Note : Any user can do this.

If you don't know how to use a feature, brains.app provides quick tutorials with one simple click in the application screen.

Click on the feature tutorial link on the screen to start the feature tour.
The tutorial provides you a detailed insight of the application feature and how to use it.

Find more tutorials on the following application screens too :

  1. Asset Search 

  2. New Project 

  3. All Projects

  4. All Reports

  5. New Reports

  6. Admin Screens

  7. My Profile

IntelliSense.io Help Centre is available in additional languages

Note : Any user can do this.

The IntelliSense.io Help Centre is now available in English, Spanish and Russian.
Click on your preferred language and enjoy reading your favorite article.

User ID information in User Admin Screens

Note : Any Administrator can do this.

The User Administrator screen now provides additional information about the
User ID number that is stored in the database for the particular user account.  

Click on the Advanced button on the screen to view the User account details. You can find the User ID field located at the extreme right of the table.        

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