What's New-Version 19.1.5

New Widget Type

Brains.app brings you a new Multi Unit Line widget to add to your dashboards and experience a great way to analyze your data.

Now, you can :

  • Create a Line graph widget with variables of different units.

  • Analyze the different data quality model outputs in the same Line graph.

To know more about the widget functionality Click Here.

Introducing the IntelliSense.io Help Center

The IntelliSense.io Help Center is now available to help and advice all the Brain.app user and also provide the information about the Platform ,Application and the monthly sprint release notes.

The help center can be accessed at Here.

Quick feature tutorial in Brains.app

Don't want to scroll through the User Manuals !
We got you these quick tutorials for every new features on the Brains.app.

Every time there is a new feature on the application, you get a notification on your brains.app messenger with the tutorial on how to use it.

To know more about how to look for these tutorial yourself Click Here.

Bug Fixes

  1. The Single data entry values not being displayed in the data entry table is fixed.

  2. Show and Hide legend link functionality for the widgets is fixed.

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