What's New-Version 19.1.4

Single Data Entry v1.1

Note : Only Operators/Control Engineers/Administrator can do this.

To process your data set in the application,you need to add them manually using the Single Data Entry feature.

The Single Data Entry v1.1 brings you the ability to Edit and Delete the data entries done for a metric.

You can easily edit and update your data entry with the below steps :

  1. Click on the Edit icon against the Metric name.

  2. Update the Date/Time/Input Value for the data entry.

  3. Click on Submit button to save the updated data entry successfully.

To know more about how to use the Single Data Entry

Upload and Integration v1.0

How to upload a data file and integrate into the application.

To use the data quality models in the application for a custom set of data, you need to upload the data set into the application.

Now upload your own data with the Upload and Integration screen in the Brains.app.

To know more about how to use the Upload and Integration screen.

Administrator User Manual

New user manual to help you use the Admin screens.

Need help to operate the different Administrator screens in the application.

Here we bring you the ultimate user manual to guide you to perform various Administrator actions in the application. 

The administrator user manual is available in different languages like English,Spanish and Russian.
To know more about how to access the Administrator User Manual.


Brains.app Platform User manual - Now in Spanish and Russian versions

The User Manuals for the IntelliSense.io Platform are now available in SPANISH and RUSSIAN versions.

Bug Fixes

  1. Chart Scrolling for dates on the line graph is fixed.

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